Wills, Trusts And Powers Of Attorney

At Gislason & Hunter LLP, our lawyers draft detailed and enforceable estate planning documents for a wide range of clients. From individuals and couples to farm families and business owners, we attend to the needs of our rural neighbors and provide efficient and effective legal services.

Estate Planning For Residents Of Minneapolis, Mankato And Greater Minnesota

Taking proactive steps is paramount in developing powers of attorney, wills and trusts. Providing you with a "voice" helps facilitate the orderly transfer of assets, both family- and business-related and avoids family discord and unnecessary taxation.

Specific areas of estate planning include:

  • Wills — A will allows you to designate family members or organizations receiving property, a personal representative who carries out the terms of the will, and individuals entrusted to provide care for and management of property left to minor children. Without a will, property distribution is dictated by Minnesota intestacy laws, starting with closest relatives all the way to more distant family members.
  • Trusts — The benefits of trusts are numerous. You can minimize estate taxes and avoid the probate process. While you can serve as your own trustee, designating a friend or family member will provide them legal title to the property held in the trust.
  • Powers of attorney — Should you become incapacitated through illness or injury, a durable power of attorney allows a trusted individual to make important decisions based on your documented wishes. From handling financial matters to overseeing medical care, a power of attorney not only provides you with a "voice," but it also spares family members the additional grief and stress during a difficult time.

Wills, Trusts And Powers Of Attorney Customized For You

Our attorneys provide personalized estate planning services based on your needs and goals. Preserving your legacy is paramount to us. Estate planning is legally complex and oftentimes emotionally charged. Transitions should prevent a family dispute, not encourage it.

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