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Minnesota's Corporate Farm Thumbnail

Minnesota’s Corporate Farm

Modern farming is a business, and it is extremely common to see even small operations owning farmland in a partnership, LLC, corporation or trust. Even so, Minnesota law restricts the ownership of agricultural real estate by business entities and trusts.

Who Can Own Minnesota Farmland?

Minnesota’s ...Read More

Barn Lease Checklist Thumbnail

Barn Lease Checklist

Whether you are a producer looking to expand your operations without buying additional facilities, or a farmer approaching retirement and considering renting your hog barns out, the following are key terms that should be addressed in any barn lease:

Correctly Identify Parties. Make sure ...Read More

Manure Easement Checklist Thumbnail

Manure Easement Checklist

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requires producers to have written agreements with landowners to apply manure under the site’s Nutrient Management Plan. While MPCA provides a one-page sample Land Application Agreement, this form does not deal with many common issues between producers and manure ...Read More