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Mankato City Council Issues FAQs for Face Covering Ordinance Image

Mankato City Council Issues FAQs for Face Covering Ordinance

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As Mankato’s face covering ordinance is scheduled to take effect July 10, 2020, the city council issued answers to frequently asked questions about the ordinance. Our blog post outlining the ordinance may be found here.

The ordinance failed to define what constitutes medical intolerance and thereby, an exemption from the face covering mandate. The FAQs provide that those with “medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe, a mental health condition, developmental disability, or other conditions covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act” are not required to wear a face covering. Likewise, those who cannot remove a face covering without assistance need not wear one.

Clarification was also provided to assist employers in identifying whether their business is a place of public accommodation. Businesses operating by appointment only with no public accommodation space and those with buildings or portions of their businesses that do not have public access, are not public accommodations for purposes of the ordinance. Mankato City Council’s FAQs and further guidance may be found here.

An ever-growing number of Minnesota cities have implemented face covering ordinances and Governor Walz is contemplating the enactment of a state-wide mandate. Contact your Gislason & Hunter LLP employment attorney today to discuss whether your employees and workplace is in compliance with these ordinances.

This notice is provided to serve as an overview of Mankato’s Emergency Ordinance 2020-4 and does not constitute legal advice. For additional information regarding this order or any employment matter, please contact the author of this article or a member of Gislason &Hunter, LLP’s Labor and Employment Law Practice Group at 507.387.1115.