Focused on You, Focused on the Community

Gislason & Hunter is dedicated to developing creative solutions that help meet your needs. It’s been the same throughout our history: 87+ years of helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals, reach long-term objectives, and grow. Gislason & Hunter has grown as well, contributing to the betterment of our communities and leading by example.

Our History

The firm that is now known as Gislason & Hunter began in 1937 under the name “Gislason & Reim” after being formed by two partners—Sidney Gislason and Victor Reim. At the time, the firm occupied a modest office in downtown New Ulm and provided various legal services to the city and surrounding area. Over the years, the firm steadily grew and attracted additional legal talent. While the name of the firm changed over time in recognition of that talent—including the names Gislason, Reim & Minium; Gislason, Reim, Minium, Alsop & Dosland; Gislason, Alsop, Dosland & Hunter; Gislason, Alsop, Dosland, Hunter & Malecki; Gislason, Dosland, Malecki, Gislason & Halvorson; and Gislason, Dosland, Hunter & Malecki—the firm’s vision and purpose of providing the highest quality legal services to its clients did not.

In 1955, the firm moved into its next New Ulm office at 1 South State Street. Nearly 30 years later, the firm had grown in size to the extent an addition was made to the State Street location, doubling in size. Still growing, the firm constructed the building at its current New Ulm location on the border of the Cottonwood River in 1997.

In 1991, the firm expanded its geographical footprint by opening an office in Mankato at 108 East Hickory Street. Now, the firm occupies the entire fifth floor of the Eide Bailly Tower located at 111 South Second Street.

Today, Gislason & Hunter has grown from its modest beginnings and services clients across the state of Minnesota, as well as several other states, in a variety of practice areas. The firm’s current attorneys recognize the enormous groundwork that has been laid by its predecessors, but at the same time continues to evolve and embrace change to find the best solutions for its clients.


Main Practice Areas




Years of Service

Our Mission

To offer solutions that will achieve the client’s immediate goals in the most efficient way possible—consistent with the client’s long-term objectives.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision of the future today is the same as it has been throughout the 80-year history of Gislason & Hunter. The firm has always been focused completely on its clients and their needs. Gislason & Hunter has the personnel necessary to provide efficient, practical, and effective representation to our clients and their growing needs.

At Gislason & Hunter, we are entrepreneurs, so we understand entrepreneurs and business owners. We have not grown just for the sake of growth, but we also have never shied away from opportunities to expand our client base or the depth of our resources and experience.

The lawyers at Gislason & Hunter view themselves as “counselors” in the truest sense. Our clients view us as trusted advisors who truly have their overall best interests in mind. We get to know our clients and their businesses. We do not view engagements as isolated “projects.” We consider the overall effect of every piece of advice we give. Thus, our mission is to offer solutions that will achieve the client’s immediate goals in the most efficient way possible, consistent with the client’s long-term objectives and business plan.

Our values have also remained constant throughout the years. These values were instilled in the lawyers that were first hired by Sid Gislason and, in turn, they passed those values on to the lawyers that they hired. They include:


In all aspects of our practice.


Our clients deserve and need to hear our honest assessment of their situation and everything we know about the matter.

The Pursuit of Excellence

In all we do.


To our clients, the Courts, and our opponents.


All relevant information should be provided to the client in a timely manner.

Teamwork & Collaboration

All lawyers and staff work as a team with a single objective in mind.

Innovation, Creativity, and Agility

We utilize time-honored techniques if they fit the situation but think creatively to solve unique problems and remain flexible enough to consider novel solutions.

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