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New Minnesota Wage Theft Law Thumbnail

New Minnesota Wage Theft Law

The following is an update from Gislason & Hunter LLP’s Employment, Labor and Benefits Practice Group regarding legislation passed by the State of Minnesota at the end of the 2019 Legislative Session.

The Act:

The laws discussed below were passed as Chapter 7 of the 2019 ...Read More

What's an Internship Program? Thumbnail

What’s an Internship Program?

Internships have been receiving special attention lately with the popular Robert Di Nero movie The Intern and a lawsuit brought against Fox Searchlight Pictures by former unpaid interns claiming compensation. Against this backdrop of entertainment and law, what is an internship? What are the ...Read More

The Veterans Preference Act Thumbnail

The Veterans Preference Act

With the drawdown of the U.S. Military, many veterans are entering the workforce. Many public employers, and some private employers, have gone out of their way to hire veterans. While most of these are highly motivated and capable employees, there are some terminations from ...Read More