Corporate Litigation

November 7, 2017

In 2018 Cory Genelin represented a shareholder in a $40M manufacturing company.  A fellow shareholder attempted to lock Cory’s client out of management and force redemption of his shares.  In one week Cory brought suit and successfully enjoined the action and secured full control of the corporation for Cory’s client.  Six months of intense litigation followed including successful defense of the injunction, thousands of pages of discovery, and nine depositions spanning several states and two countries.  After a week-long trial, Cory’s client’s rights were vindicated.

See Le Sueur County File No. 40-CV-18-19

In 2017 Cory Genelin obtained summary judgement in favor of a local corporation which had made a Subchapter S conversion. Two shareholders dissented from the conversation offered. Mr. Genelin brought suit, investigated the claims, and established as a matter of law that the corporation valuation was correct.

See Nicollet County File No. 52-CV-16-225

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