DIRT Magazine is a publication by Gislason & Hunter LLP that includes vital information for the Agriculture and Agribusiness industry that work to feed the world. This issue features State Veterinarian Executive Director, Beth S. Thompson, on Protecting the Health of Minnesota’s Animals: The Board of Animal Health. Also in this issue:

  • Commodity Groups Challenge EPA Release of Producer’s Personal Information, Redux
  • The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law
  • The Beginning of the End of Valuation Discounts for Family Farms and Businesses?
  • Boundary Line Disputes
    When Should Grandpa Stop Driving?
  • Why Elections Matter: Functions Under the Direction and Control of the USDA
  • The High Cost of Overtime
  • Regulatory Outreach—GIPSA’s Renewed Effort to Regulate Contractual Relationships in the Livestock Industry
  • Built-in Gains Tax Discount in Farm Entity Valuation
  • Federal Issues Update
  • Case Law Update

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