Estate and Trust Litigation

June 28, 2018

In 2018 Cory Genelin obtained an exceptional settlement on behalf of heirs of a $1.5M estate. The decedent had executed a will in favor of two strangers.  The heirs contested the will on the basis of undue influence and lack of capacity.  Cory and his team conducted an in-depth fact investigation raising serious doubts about the will and forcing the will proponents to concede

See Chippewa County File No. 12-PR-17-591

In 2016 Cory Genelin defended the administration of two farm trusts valued at $5.2M. This followed previous litigation in 2014. In that litigation, Mr. Genelin had the court appoint a new trustee favorable to his client, the lifetime beneficiary of the trusts. After two years of favorable administration, a death beneficiary of the trust (who was also one of the trustees who lost power in the 2014 litigation) brought suit to remove the trustee and undo over $320,000 in payments to Mr. Genelin’s client. After full litigation, the court upheld the actions of the new trustee including the payments to Mr. Genelin’s client.

See Nobles County File No. 53-CV-14-223

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