Laparoscopic Extra Peritoneal Hernia Repair Surgery

July 1, 2018

St. Croix County, Wisconsin
Court File No. 15-CV-556

Claims asserted: a patient underwent a laparoscopic total extra peritoneal (TEP) hernia repair surgery. In the case the plaintiff claimed that the surgeon violated the standard of care as follows: (1) failure to provide adequate informed consent; (2) failure to offer and perform an open procedure; (3) a failure to note a tear in the peritoneum and repair the tear to the peritoneum; (4) technical errors in the surgical procedure which allegedly caused a bowel injury to the patient; (5) and the medical care which allegedly caused the bowel injury led the patient to develop C. difficile colitis, which ultimately resulted in the patient needing an end ileostomy and developing end-stage kidney disease. Outcome: Defense verdict, September 2017.