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January 23, 2015

In today’s environment, banks face an ever-changing set of rules and regulations with regard to lending, portfolio management, fees and even operational issues. Given the speed at which the environment can change, it’s important that a bank has a trusted partner who can guide them through the complex web of rules and regulations. A skilled and experienced banking law firm can help a bank understand how certain regulations impact the bank’s business. The firm can also help the bank develop strategies to operate effectively while also minimizing regulatory risk.

One area that has become increasingly complex is lending. For any bank, lending is an important function. However, in today’s credit climate, much work and underwriting is needed to develop a successful lending portfolio. Many banks need guidance on collateralization, documentation and participation and settlement agreements. A bank may also need consultation on collection actions, such as liquidating collateral or repossessing assets. Undertaking those actions in the wrong manner could end up exposing the bank to significant liability.

There have also been multiple new laws in recent years that have fundamentally changed the way banks operate. The Truth in Lending Act has substantially impacted bank lending operations, and Dodd-Frank affects many areas of bank operation. The creation of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has impacted the way banks can collect fees and how they must disclose information. Most banks can find great value in a partner who understands all of these laws.

At Gislason and Hunter, LLP, we have an experienced team of banking attorneys who can advise you on nearly every aspect of your business. From lending to portfolio management to regulatory concerns, we can help you steer clear of unnecessary risk and operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible. For more information on our services, please visit our page about our finance and banking attorneys on our website.

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