Farm Divorce and Farm Family Law Practice

April 12, 2018

Andrew Tatge’s experience representing clients in farm divorces is too extensive to list. In addition to teaching other attorneys throughout the country how to handle farm divorces, Andrew’s family law practice is significantly devoted to representing clients whose assets include farms, farm property, and other agricultural businesses ranging in value from a few hundred thousand dollars to over one hundred million dollars. Andrew has represented grain farmers, livestock producers, and owners of other agriculture-related entities (or their spouses) in arriving at a fair and equitable division of marital property, as well as drafting antenuptial agreements to avoid the potential for disputes later in the marriage. Many of his farm divorce cases have involved significant nonmarital tracing claims, spousal maintenance claims, and complex tax or other issues. When appropriate, Andrew has devised and utilized unique and novel ways to keep farm operations intact post-divorce so that both parties can move on with life and the farm can be handed down to the next generation. Andrew has also successfully represented numerous clients in child custody, parenting time and child support disputes involving farms and farm families.

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