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Doing business in today’s manufacturing climate that is in constant flux and challenged by multiple influences on profits, taxes and legal structures makes it harder than ever to meet projections and other strategic goals much less pursue new opportunities. Facing these challenges with the right legal partner has never been more important. From business formation to daily operations, at Gislason & Hunter we know that smart business matters every step of the way. We draw from our entire firm’s experience in contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, employment issues, regulatory compliance, product liability, litigation and other areas of expertise to provide you with the legal knowledge and perspective needed to build, grow and protect your business.

Our accomplished attorneys bring substantial expertise to the Manufacturing industry to deliver the very best in service and results.


Cases & Clients

  • Employment Handbooks and Policies

    Of course avoiding problems is even better than keeping them small. Cory Genelin draws on his experience as a combat leader to draw up plans and policies designed to help an organization operate effectively and accomplish the mission while staying within the bounds of the law. Mr. Genelin has drafted custom employment handbooks and employment policies for employers of all sizes including nursing home chains, group homes, hospitals, manufacturers, publishers, and agricultural producers.

  • Joint Venture Transaction in Korea

    Represented a client in a joint venture transaction in Korea for the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Korea.

  • Joint Venture Transaction in China

    Represented a client in a joint venture transaction in China for the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products in China.

  • Technology Licensing and Manufacturing Agreements

    Represented a client in procuring and administering overseas production capacities through Technology Licensing and Manufacturing Agreements, together with advising client for foreign government permitting process and clearing the U.S. export control laws and regulations.

  • Products Liability Case

    The Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled on a products liability case that R. Stephen Tillitt has been defending for several years. Steve’s client manufactured and sold a machine that compresses materials to extract fluids. While the purchaser was using it in its hog feed operation to extract expired dairy products from containers, an untrained employee climbed into a portion of the machine ignoring a warning and without following the lockout/tagout procedure. Another employee activated the machine, crushing the man’s legs resulting in a double amputation. The trial court granted summary judgment to Steve’s client on three separate grounds, and a three judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed in 2016. The Minnesota Supreme Court accepted review of the case and reversed the lower courts on the issue of foreseeability in July 2017. The matter is now being considered by the Minnesota Court of Appeals on remand of the remaining two issues. The Supreme Court’s decision in Montemayor v. Sebright Products, Inc., d/b/a Bright Technologies, 898 N.W.2d 623 (Minn. 2017); 2016 WL 1175089 (Minn. Ct. App. March 28, 2016), has been covered by the media and will be the subject of two seminars in the future.

  • Reverse Triangular Merger

    Represented a bio-engineering company in a reverse triangular merger for its acquisition of target stock, regulatory clearance, and minority shareholder claim resolutions by negotiating and drafting the Agreement and Plan of Merger and all related documents and instruments.