Family Law

Family Law

Gislason & Hunter’s family law and divorce attorneys handle a variety of Minnesota family law issues, with significant strength and focus on family law issues for farmers, business owners, and individuals with a net worth in excess of $1 million. We strive to provide a high level of customer service and attention to each of our clients. We do not rest on our laurels and regularly take on complex and highly contentious matters. While we prefer to resolve matters as cost-effectively, quickly, and amicably as possible, we are not afraid to litigate matters as far as necessary to achieve a favorable outcome. Our family law attorneys have tried cases to district court judges throughout the State of Minnesota and have a record of success at the appellate level—both at the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Each case is unique and brings with it different challenges and opportunities. We work hard to give our clients the tools to make good decisions and always strive to do what is in the long-term best interests of our clients—even if it means advising against strategies that will provide a perceived short-term victory if it means reducing the likelihood of success in the bigger picture. We regularly advise against strategies that will run up substantial attorney fees for no good purpose and caution clients to weigh the costs and benefits of their actions and decisions. 

We represent C-suite and other business executives, private business owners, farmers, and professionals (or their spouses) on a regular and consistent basis. We understand and incorporate the unique needs of busy professionals in communicating with their legal team and getting the job done. 

Gislason & Hunter family law attorneys also benefit not only from the talents of our partners and colleagues who practice in other sophisticated areas of law, such as real estate, banking, agribusiness, and employment law but also from the significant credibility our firm has earned with judges and opposing counsel who, upon hearing the name “Gislason & Hunter” understand immediately that the attorney in front of them is a smart, talented attorney who will shoot straight and act with integrity. That level of trust and respect is only earned and is invaluable to our clients, especially in family law where you are likely going through the most difficult time in your life. We are there, by your side, to move you forward to the next chapter of life. 

To learn more and to determine if we are a fit for you (and you are a fit for us) contact us at 507-354-3111 to discuss setting up an initial consultation. 

Our family law attorneys regularly handle a full range of personal legal services through Minnesota including:

Litigation Matters

• Divorce

• Paternity (issues arising between never-married parents)

• Child custody, parenting time, and modifications

• Child Support and modification

• Spousal Maintenance and modification

• Property Division (including farms, businesses, professionals, and high net worth cases)

• High net worth and complex divorce cases, including cases involving complex tax, valuation, and discovery issues

• Mediation, arbitration, social early neutral evaluations (SENE), financial early neutral evaluations (FENE), and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures

• Post-divorce or paternity matters, including modification of court orders and contempt of court matters

• Orders for protection (OFPs) and harassment restraining orders (HROs)

• Interstate child custody jurisdiction and enforcement (UCCJEA) matters 

• Family law appeals to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court

Transactional Matters

• Antenuptial (“pre-nuptial”) agreements

• Postnuptial Agreements

• Cohabitation Agreements

• Domestic Relations Orders and QDROs

• Estate planning guidance focused on protecting assets and income from divorce of the parties or their intended beneficiaries

• Business planning guidance focused on protecting assets and income from divorce of business owners, “divorce proofing” businesses, and minimizing or eliminating other effects of divorce and family dynamics on businesses

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