The Difference an Attorney Makes in Estate Planning

January 18, 2021

Estate planning is often overlooked until it is too late. Our recent article, Where There’s a Will, There’s a…Wait, discusses the negative effects of waiting too long to plan for the future. These include increased expense, court involvement, familial fighting, and your wishes being ignored. Gislason & Hunter has the knowledge and experience to mitigate those scenarios.

Estate planning involves more than what your will says. It can help you plan for who should take care of you when you are incapacitated, what medical decisions you would make should you be unable to answer for yourself, and yes, who gets your property. Proper estate planning can protect the family unit, your unmarried partner, prevent sibling in-fighting, and so much more. Each individual’s situation is unique.  Your job, your assets (from family heirlooms, to land, to bank accounts), and your family dynamic are just a few factors that can affect how you choose to plan for the future. A well thought-out estate plan, including all the documents you would need going forward, can take into consideration these unique factors. Our experienced attorneys are available to help you prepare and execute your legal documents, ensuring they are professionally drafted to your specifications and comply with current laws.

The Estate Planning Practice Group has a wide number of participants who also practice in other areas of law. This helps Gislason & Hunter offer a holistic approach to your legal needs, including what document choices will best protect your interests.

  • Andrew Willaert, chair of the Estate Planning Practice Group.
  • Reed Glawe works in all areas of estate law and is particularly knowledgeable regarding its effects on real estate.
  • Christopher Kamath focuses his practice on estate planning, probate and trust litigation, and guardianship and conservatorship matters, and has developed a niche market in drafting and maintaining trusts.
  • Cory Genelin is a business law and litigation expert and has represented clients in numerous contentious guardianship and conservatorship matters.
  • Rhett Schwichtenberg focuses his practice on estate planning, real estate, probate and trust litigation, and elder law.

This wide variety of experience results in an Estate Planning Practice Group that can help you plan for or respond to your wants and needs when preparing for the future. Contact Gislason & Hunter to plan your best future.